How to build a zero-knowledge DApp

This post offers an introduction to how to develop an application capable of generating and validating zero-knowledge proofs in the context of the Connect Four game in order to demonstrate to a verifier that a prover has information about the game without having to reveal it.

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Reinforcement learning

Training a DQN agent to play Connect Four

Exercise to obtain a policy that is capable of maximising this reward, thus obtaining the best action for each transition and promoting an optimal approach to the Connect Four game.

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Approach to a microservices-based architecture bank application

A microservices-based architecture bank application that includes back-end and front-end applications, as well as a binary classification model, smart contracts to store data on-chain and TheGraph subgraphs.

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Introducing Olive Oil Trust: front end

Next.js application that gives support to members and customers in Olive Oil Trust, and reduces the complexity of all the tasks at hand.

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Introducing Olive Oil Trust: subgraph

Subgraph to query data from Olive Oil Trust in an efficient way using TheGraph.

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Introducing Olive Oil Trust: smart contracts

Olive Oil Trust smart contracts are implemented in order to adopt a set of rules so that all members of Olive Oil Trust with the same roles are established rigorously within the same framework.

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How to build a DEXs analytics application

Introduction to obtaining and representing DEXs data using TheGraph and React.js

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Data visualization

Predicting Ames housing prices: exploratory data analysis

Exploratory data analysis on the Ames housing prices dataset

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