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This project is my personal website, where I publish articles and side-projects. The code is mostly written in TypeScript using Next.js, a React.js framework.

The page is in both dark and light mode and uses the prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature to select between both.

Furthermore, this website is entirely translated to Spanish.

Technical details


  • src/components/*: React.js components in .tsx.
  • src/data/*: MDX files used for pages in blog and projects.
  • src/pages/*: static pages.
  • src/styles/*: CSSModules files, postcss mixins and a global css file.
  • src/utils/*: helper functions, interfaces, hooks, constants and dictionaries used in some translations and options lists.
  • lang/*: JSON files used as a source for translations. The JSON file corresponding to the defaultLocale is generated running npm run extract-languages.
  • compiled-lang/*: JSON files generated running npm run compile-languages, obtaining translations from lang/* and used for formatting messages.
  • scripts/*: JavaScript files used for creating an RSS feed and a sitemap in the postbuild script.
  • public/*: static assets.

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